rasayana therapyIn Ayurveda, we focus on two main things, one is to heal diseases and second, to maintain a healthy body. Rasayanas are primarily meant to satisfy the second condition and is a rejuvenating therapy. They are the wonder drug that helps prevent diseases, prevents ageing and makes you active both mentally and physically. Rasa is the vital fluid produced on digestion of food that provides nutrition and immunity. Rasayana means to maintain rasa within the body.
Depending on the desired result, rasyanas are classified as

Naimittika Rasayana- is used to allevite a specific disease or problem such as Dhathri Rasayana, Triphala Rasayana, Brahmi Rasayana etc.
Ajasrika Rasayana- is used to improve the quality of life by maintaining a healthy body. It is prepared from 100% natural ingredients like milk, ghee, honey etc.
Kamya Rasayana- is used to fulfill a certain desire or wish or kama. It is further subdivided into the following types:

  • Prana Kama- to achieve best quality of life
  • Medha Kama- to achieve good memory and intellect
  • Ayush Kama- to achieve long life
  • Chakshu Kama- to achieve healthy eyes

These rasayanas are made of 100% natural ingredients, handmade in utensils of copper, iron or clay. They are highly nutritious and provide important antioxidants and elements that are missing in our modern diet. It has a preventive aspect more than a healing one.