shamana treatmentShamana Chikitsa is done after Shodhana Chikitsa or is used to treat mild conditions or mild imbalances of the doshas. This method involves administering herbal medications internally or externally to correct the three doshas.


Internal Medicines

The oral medications used are of the following types:

  • Asavas and Arishtas- liquid in nature, are sweet to taste and are fermented form of medicines
  • Choornas- medicines in powder form
  • Kashayas- medicines in decoction form
  • Lehyas-semisolid form
  • Pills or Vati- medicines in tablet form
  • Ghritam- medicated ghee
  • Bhasmas- medicine in ash /powder form
  • Sindooras- powder form of medicine


Moordhathaila refers to the external application of oil to the head. It is also referred to as Shirastarpana. It is beneficial in managing headaches, visual defect, hearing loss, stress, hair related problems etc. In a normal healthy person plain or medicated oil is used or oil is prescribed according to the body type or prakriti of the person. In case you are suffering from a medical condition then oil processed with specific medication is applied.

Types and its Benefits

Depending on the method of application of the oil, moordhataila is broadly classified as
Shiro abhyangam- refers to external application of oil to the scalp. This is followed by a massage. Helps in managing headaches, stress, hypertension, psychological disorders, induces sleep, rectifiess hair and scalp related problems, improves facial complexion and ability of sense organs.
Shira sekam- refers to pouring of the medicated oil on the forehead which ultimately flows to the scalp. This helps in managing stress, headache, anxiety, pediculosis etc.
Shiro pichu refers to applying a cotton swab dipped in medicated oil to the vertex. This is an effective treatment for hair loss, split hair, burning sensation of the scalp etc.
Shiro vasti- refers to keeping the oil in the vertex for some time. This is extremely effective in the treatment of headache, stress, hypertension, psychological disorders etc.
All these treatments are generally practiced for 7-21 days for approximately 30 minutes but may vary depending on the severity of the disease and the body type of the individual.


Thakradhara is a type of Shirodhara in which medicated buttermilk is poured over the forehead continuously. In the preparatory phase medicated oil is applied all over the patient and is made to lie down. A vessel with hole is hung above the forehead through which a continuous stream of medicated buttermilk is made to flow on the individuals forehead.
It is effective in the treatment of psoriasis, insomnia, premature graying of hairs, fatigue, headaches, lack of vitality, pain in palms and soles and various other diseases.