amrita ayurveda Preventing diseases and restoring health has been the moto of ayurveda since ages.The very basis of Indian phylosophy is laid for keeping society disease free.Hence prevention not only depends on correcting one’s diet and working patterns but equal emphasis is also to be given to his way of thinking and behavioural pattern.’You become what you eat’ is true.But ‘you are what you think’ is equally true.If your thoughts are diseased you cannot be healthy.Thoughts regulate hormones and hormones regulate our body.One should try to keep away negative thoughts which is only possible by having innate love for all living beings and hatred to none,capacity to forgive and forget.
A tendancy to impart good to all, help the needy will make the person happy from within.One should have the capacity to judge good and bad and govern his own behaviour accordingly.Self control and not giving up to temptations come as consequences.
Having a true guide is equally important.Full trust and faith in Guru will empower own self as trust and faith brings strength.

SKIN is the largest organ of the body which provides a protective cover to the delecate internal organs.It has several in built mechanisms for interacting with the environment.The three layers of skin are the outer epidermis,the deeper dermis and the deepest subcutaneous tissue.Hair and nails are the appendages of skin.It consists of sebacious glands,sweat glands and apocrine glands.
Ayurvedic classics explain skin in detail. A balanced state of tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha), properly nourished saptadhatus and a stress free mind provide healthy skin.Changes in skin colour indicate homeostatic imbalances in the body. Health of the skin is affected by factors like nutrition,hygeine,circulation,age,immunity,genetic factors,psycological factors and medications . Normal skin colour , tone, luster,softness etc are maintained by thje tridoshas.Hence the vitiation of tridoshas directly affects the integrity and beauty of skin.The poshaka dhuatus(nourishing factors) of the body are rasa and raktha.So decrease in nutrition affects the quanlity of these dhatus leading to poor nourishment of further dhatus and skin leading to diseases.